Your customers want
your products. NOW.

Retail is changing. Fast. Delivery expectations have skyrocketed – and they’ll only get higher. SHIPSI Instant Delivery enables you to exceed your customers’ expectations and dazzle them with the experience.

The SHIPSI Instant Delivery Experience

The best price from all SHIPSI last-mile partners automatically appears at checkout for the customer.

You, (the retailer) prepare the order for pick-up.

The driver picks up and delivers the order.

The retailer and consumer receive email and text notifications throughout the process with live-tracking.

Get mega-savings from our mega-network.

The SHIPSI secret sauce is our mega-network of last-mile delivery partners. Every time a customer sees SHIPSI Instant Delivery as a shipping option at checkout, we’ve automatically pulled the best rate from amongst our entire network of drivers.

Increase Brand Loyalty

41% of SHIPSI Instant Delivery users become repeat customers

Higher Conversion Rate
= Higher Sales

Our clients see a 21% avg. increase in their cart conversions and overall 11% avg. increase in online sales.

Decrease Shipping Spend

Because the consumer is willing to pay for premium, same-day shipping, our clients see an avg. decrease of 9% in overall shipping costs.

What are you making your customers wait for?

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